The last of the four cardinal directions is West.

Sunsets in the west. While it sets in the west the kingdom of light is engulfed by darkness. Thus, Saturn is the planetary lord for the West. Light is represented by Sun and Saturn represents darkness. After the setting of the sun, Saturn rules the world during nighttime. It receives the least solar radiation among the seven planets. It is assigned with colors like violet and black.

The directional lord of West in Varuna, the lord of the unknown world and deep seas. He rules the invisible, the hidden, and the mysterious world. He becomes powerful at night when everything becomes out of sight. Night puts restrictions on all activities of nature.

Saturn becomes directionally strong in the seventh house i.e. west direction in Vedic astrology. He symbolically swallows the sun every night. This swallowing is the prime cause of the production of food on earth.

Thus both Saturn and Varuna make this direction a heavy area having tamas and rajas energies combined.

The West is best suitable for the dining room. Since the sun sets in the west, its light is available in this direction up to the last minute of its setting. This, the west sector provides the opportunity to enjoy the main supper, the dinner in the natural sunlight till latest day hours, which has largely been stressed upon in Jainism. Moreover, just before sunset, its color becomes orange, which according to color therapy is considered highly beneficial for the digestion of food.

The availability of natural daylight for long makes it suitable for children’s study rooms.

The west is suitable for overhead water tanks since it makes the area heavy.

The west side is best suitable for toilets.

Simple remedies:

  • Extension in the west isn’t good so cut the extra portion with a copper strip and make it a rectangle or a square.
  • Keep heavier furniture here.
  • Sit with your back towards the west to avoid mystery and face east for clarity.

  • The western side wall should be made thicker and heavier with a lesser opening in the form of doors, windows, and ventilators.
  • The heavy and closed west restricts the outflow of the auspicious energies coming from the source direction – North & East.
  • You are considered lucky if you have some tall buildings on the west of your premise.

  • If there are open areas, plant big trees but the shadow shouldn’t fall on your building.
  • Plant big indoor plants like a palm tree in big heavy concrete pots.
  • Put blue-colored film on windows in the west.
  • Don’t put any mirror on the west wall.

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