srujana nagaraj

When we started thinking about buying a house last-year we knew exactly with whom we should be talking to, as I had heard about Madhu from my previous landlord who had worked with her for years. Even though it was during the pandemic, Madhu made sure to meet us based on our convenience and had a two-hour-long conversation about the homebuying process. Talking to Madhu boosted our confidence as 1st-time homebuyers since we had heard that the homebuying experience could be pretty painful. She also understood that we were detail oriented and made sure that she fed us with information that would help us feel confident about the process. Madhu fit right with us as she gave 100% throughout the process, from briefing out on the disclosure documents to answering our hundreds of questions. We were lucky that we did see just one house with Madhu before putting in an offer, but hope Madhu has the same opinion as there was a tight timeline defined by the seller. Madhu handled it all, starting with negotiating with the seller putting in an offer within 5 hours, helping us find the loan agent and getting our offer accepted within a few hours. Madhu didn’t leave us just here, she was actively working with a seller, providing all relevant details to the escrow agent, taking followups with the loan agent, and making sure that things were in place and on time while keeping us in the loop so that we have all the information we need. We appreciate Madhu’s effort in making us have a pleasant homebuying experience. We recommend Madhu to any future homebuyers out there, and we’re more than satisfied to call her our agent for now and going forward.

– Srujana & Nishanth

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