We worked with Madhu in the last couple of months and I’m really happy that we had Madhu by our side. Her vast experience in the industry can be felt in every step of the process as she lays forward the nitty gritties of things and it was very easy for us to take the right decisions. Her meticulous attention to detail and planning requires a special mention as she completely plans the tour day and makes sure we’re visiting the right houses that matter to us. In terms of communication, she’s very responsive and reaches out almost in realtime. When it comes to picking the right house, she doesn’t hesitate to say ‘No’ to the ones which might be problematic in future and these are hard to spot as first time buyers. While there’s always a buyer for houses like these in the Bay Area, Madhu made sure we’re not the ones. In terms of patience and professionalism, she’s probably the best. Madhu was totally ok to spend the first few months in exploring different neighborhoods before we started looking seirously. Her understanding of the market was really helpful in narrowing down on things that we can compromise and the ones we cannot. Throughout the process she made us feel home and answered the numerous stupid questions that first time home buyers would have. Really great experience working with her.

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