Nandish Shah

Madhu is amazing! Her working style is very upfront which we loved. Between the first house that we saw and till the date we closed on our dream home it was only a span of 2 months. Madhu is great at giving advice not only on what to buy or not, but also which areas to look at, which type of house to buy, which properties would have higher resale value, and awesome suggestions on home improvements.

At one point we got cold feet after paying the initial deposit and Madhu sat us down and really calmly explained all the pros of buying our property and why it made sense for us to move forward and not doubt our initial thought. She was really comforting and no matter how many times we asked the same questions, she would always answer them!

After that we had a situation where we needed to switch lenders 10 days before the closing and Madhu recommended a lender to us and worked really hard on making sure we close on time. What’s great? We are closing a day earlier!!

I would highly recommend Madhu for anyone looking to buy a place in the Bay Area!!

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