malika pasha

I would like to start out by saying that buying a home is such a personal experience. It is not like picking out a TV or a couch. First off, it is the largest but most importantly, the most emotional purchase of your life and it so important to have the right person navigating you through what can be a very overwhelming process.

The whole process from the moment I called Madhu to when I purchased the home luckily for me took less than 2 months… and I am picky! I can confidently say that this had a lot to do with how Madhu assessed my needs and likes just through regular conversation (no special formal interviews here!) and then showed me homes accordingly. This really made the process more efficient. This was super important to me as I am a typical Bay area working mom who does not have too much dispensable time.

Sometimes, she also dissuaded me from some, taking into account factors that I may have overlooked- like how close the home was to the main street, noise levels, convenience for my parents when they visit, my lifestyle etc. She played devil’s advocate when needed to which is very rare among real estate agents.

Not once did I feel she was trying to sell me something. It was as though I was going to see homes with a person who totally has my interest in mind just like a family member. When I finally saw the home I loved, Madhu walked me through the pros and cons of the home and after i decided to put and offer, she walked me through the steps I need to take to have my best shot at getting the home. I followed her lead here and was able to get the home in spite of multiple offers.

Madhu has excellent market knowledge and is very professional in her dealings. In spite of having several clients I felt like I was her only client. She was a 100 % focused on me when she was with me. In addition to all that makes a great professional real estate agent she is also a good human which to me on a personal level was what made it a great home buying experience!

I wish her the very best!

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